Explore the Advanced Features of OLS360

Integrated Data Marts

Connect to Power BI for in-depth analysis and transform data into strategic insights.

Business Processes

Simplify complex processes, such as audits, with easy-to-configure workflows.

Inventory Management

Total stock control, with operation tracking, without the complexity of coding.

Multi-Level Security

Complete protection with a robust security system, including multiple levels of access.

Smart Alerts

Automatic notifications to keep the team informed about important changes.

Customized SLAs

Create Service Level Agreements that perfectly align with your business goals.

Dynamic Menus

Customize system navigation to meet the specific needs of your business.

Intranet Pages

Develop effective internal solutions, easily integrating diverse content.

Entity-Specific Activities

Process specific tasks, such as admissions and assessments, linked to key entities.

Special Data Types

Work with PDFs, images, signatures, and maps for richer data management.

Code Tables

Facilitate selection and categorization with customizable code tables.

Visual Classifications

Use classifications with icons, colors, and text for intuitive navigation.

External Access

Allow secure system access to external users, promoting collaboration.

Advanced Searches

Quickly find what you need with global or specific searches.

Flexible Exports

Share information easily, with versatile export and send options.

Task Scheduling

Optimize organization and productivity with easy scheduling of processes for multiple users.

Custom Dashboard

View all your tasks in one place, ensuring you're always organized.

DIY: Process Creation

Create the processes your business needs in an intuitive way, without the need for programming.

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