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OLS360: A No-Code Platform Built on Strong Values

At its core, OLS360 values trust, excellence, continuous improvement, a relaxed atmosphere and reciprocity.

We trust our customers and partners to ensure that we can create long-term relationships. Excellence drives us forward in everything from design and implementation to customer service. Continuous improvement is vital to remaining at the top of our field. We maintain a relaxed atmosphere, so everyone feels welcome and supported.  

Finally, we understand that offering help beyond ourselves inevitably leads to worthwhile business reciprocity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative tools that foster opportunity, organizational development and digital inclusion.

Our Vision

We strive to support an inclusive and prosperous digital economy where everyone has equal chances to leverage technology as a powerful force for good.

Our Values

We value trust, excellence, continuous improvement, a relaxed atmosphere, and reciprocity.

Who we are

Dr. Joao Deodato
João Deodato, Dr.
Head of Research and Development
Dr. Emanuel Santos
Emanuel Santos, Ph.D.
Chief Application Architect
Uelber Dantas
Uelber Dantas
Chief of Product Development

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