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Economy shifts need
answers. Adapt quickly.

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Quick setup
Surprise your users by taking ideas from the drawing board to reality in hours.

Cost Effective
Save time and money by streamlining all the processes in one platform.

Team Workflows
Easily create new business activities to be shared by the teams with predefined SLAs.

Integrate solutions without delay

Industry-leading businesses react quickly to trends that make or break their bottom lines. With OLS360, you can create and implement software solutions in hours, not months.

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Streamline team workflow

OLS360 helps workers be more productive and efficient by centralizing tasks and information for a reduced workload.

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Discover operation trends

Create data marts in literal minutes. OLS360 comes with a slick integration to Power BI, the world-leading data analytics tool.

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Get your digital
transformation, done

OLS360 creates and implements no-code solutions in hours, giving IT departments the tools they need to stay on top of changing business demands.

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"OLS360 allows me to manage all aspects of our safety practices from a single place, and it integrates with Power BI reports for crystal clear analysis. This makes OLS360 ideal for fast-paced field services companies like Pimee Well Servicing.”

Kristyn John Pimee Well Servicing LP

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